If you've decided to build a wooden deck, then you have to choose the right wood for your needs. Treated pine is a popular choice. What are its advantages as a decking material? 

Versatile Strength

It's important to pick the right deck wood for your garden and the local environment. Some woods degrade more easily than others, especially if they come into contact with environmental problems. For example, untreated woods won't have any protection against termites. Or, if an untreated wood comes into contact with the ground, then it might start to rot or suffer from water damage. Your deck might not last long if its wood can't cope with its location and environment.

Treated pine is more resilient in difficult environments. For example, this wood will have had anti-termite treatments. You can also buy pine that has been treated in different ways to improve its strength. If your decking will come into contact with the ground or water, then you can buy specialist pine that has been treated to make it cope with these conditions. Pick the right product so your deck will be stronger and will last longer.

Easier Installation

Hardwood decking isn't always easy to install. The hardness of the wood makes it more difficult to work with. Your build could be more complex. It will also take more time.

Treated pine is a softwood. While hard and durable, its relative softness makes it easier to work with. You'll complete your deck build faster and more easily.

Better Sustainability

If you are concerned about the environment, then you might not be comfortable using hardwood decking. Hardwood trees aren't as sustainable as softwoods. They take longer to grow, so their replacement times are longer.

Softwoods, like treated pine, are more sustainable. Pine trees grow relatively fast so forestry stocks can replenish them more quickly. You'll have the comfort of knowing that you have chosen a sustainable wood.

Lower Costs

Hardwoods cost more to buy than softwoods. So, treated pine decking is a good choice if you want to keep your building costs low. 

You won't just see savings in material costs here. The fact that treated pine is easy to work with also gives you a faster build. Your contractors will be able to complete your project more quickly. So, your labour costs should also be lower.

To find out more about treated pine, ask a local deck building company, such as Evertley Pty Ltd, for advice.