Most people will recognise the look of a Hamptons style kitchen when they enter one, but what are the elements that go into this design aesthetic? There are many factors that you need to consider if you want to replicate the Hamptons style in your kitchen. What are they and which are the most important to get the right look? Read on to find out.

Relaxed Yet Formal

One of the key aspects of any Hamptons style kitchen is that it must be neat, yet relaxed. Originally popularised in the Long Island area of New York, the look should feel more relaxed than the more formal kitchen looks of the 1930s, when the style first came out. And yet, it must also offer clear lines and neat detailing, too. White may be the go-to colour of the Hamptons style, but do not use this colour everywhere, or the appearance will be too clinical. There is a balance to be achieved.

Architectural Features

Hamptons style kitchens were first installed in older properties that would have had pitched roofs and exposed beams in many cases. If you have such features in your home, then they will lend themselves very well to your kitchen installation. If you do not have them, then consider a larger remodelling project for your home to get a more authentic look. Remember to paint your ceiling and beams in the same white tones as your kitchen cabinetry, no matter how you choose to proceed.

Dark Woods

Although there is an abundance of reflective white in a Hamptons kitchen which keeps the light bouncing around, you should also include dark wooden colours here and there. A focal item, such as wooden chopping board or a knife rack, will add the right sort of detail. In addition to such one-off items, opt for wooden stools at your breakfast bar and dark wooden flooring. Laminates are a good alternative if you cannot afford a truly wooden floor, but they should look like natural wood as much as possible.

Alternative Colours

In some settings, blues and greys will complement the whites and browns of a typical Hamptons kitchen. This will reflect the coastal aspect of the design and is especially effective if your home happens to be close to the sea. Don't overdo it with such colours because white should still dominate. However, a set of drawers and a few cabinet doors in another hue can look stunning as a statement colour.