Many Australians enjoy the uniform look that plantation shutters offer when they have them fitted as window treatments throughout their entire home. This is often a much more effective way of obtaining coordinated interior décor than opting for curtains or even roller blinds since this type of shutter is suited to all window sizes and shapes. That said, there is nothing new about plantation shutters. They were first popularised in the Mediterranean and then exported to the New World where European settlers first began running plantations, hence their name. Why do these shutters still make sense for homes in the twenty-first century?

Heat Shielding

In Australia, especially in northern areas, heat penetrating your home from the outside can be a big problem. Once the interior of a home gets hot, it takes a lot of cooling down even if you have the air conditioning running. Therefore, putting a physical barrier in the way of the sun makes sense. Plantation shutters perform in exactly this way. They effectively reflect a great deal of the sun's energy outside, thereby keeping your home cooler and more comfortable for all.

Great Ventilation

When you want to have your windows open so you can keep your home aerated, you may be understandably worried about people being able to gain unwarranted access. However, if you have plantation shutters fitted throughout your home — or on the ground floor, at least — then you will be able to enjoy a secure home environment without needing to keep your windows shut all the time. The slats of your shutters will be more than strong enough to keep out would-be intruders.

Light Control

Like Venetian blinds, plantation shutters allow you to alter the pitch of their slats. This means that you can regulate the amount of sunlight that is coming in from outside very easily. Want to reduce glare while working or watching TV? No problem. Equally, if you want to block out all of the light in a bedroom to get to sleep, then this can be achieved in seconds, too.


With plantation shutters, your home will have window treatments that will last for a lifetime. Unlike curtains, for example, you don't need to vacuum clean them or send them to the dry cleaners to keep them looking good. Just dusting them once in a while will be enough to keep them in mint condition for years, if not decades.