If you have settled Roman blinds installation in your living space, you need to understand various things during different stages of the installation process.

Before Purchase

Find out the size of your windows; you might need a ruler or tape measure to help you get accurate figures. The measurements you need are the window cavity width and height measurements because the blinds go inside the window cavity.

If you think you might not take correct measurements, seek help from a handy person near you. With the measurements, you can confidently inform the Roman blind salesperson the size you need, and if it is not readily available, you can get it customized to fit.

You should know that when cutting the width of the Roman blind, the cavity width measurement you had taken may be slightly reduced to allow for the clearance you need on each side of the blind. The height is also usually increased slightly to help cover your window better.

You might require the services of an interior designer to help you determine the colour or pattern of the Roman blinds that will match with the aesthetics of your interior.

During Purchase

It is recommended that you are accompanied by someone who knows more about Roman blinds when purchasing them. Your interior designer is an example of such a person. If you do not have one, the Roman blind salesperson has the experience needed to help you choose the blind that will fit your window.

Additionally, if you are not accompanied by your interior designer, ensure you are fully aware of the design you want to purchase.


Find out whether the Roman blind company offers after-sale services like installation. Though Roman blinds are easy to install, you may require some handy skills because you need to use some hand tools like a drill, screwdriver, ruler and pen to make markings, etc.  Most Roman blind company websites also have a tutorial video to help install the Roman blinds.

If the Roman blind company sends its representatives to install the blinds for you, you can expect quality work and little to no errors/damage. If you destroy the cavity walls of your windows with a drill, you might not be able to install your Roman blinds without first repairing the damage. You will incur an expense you would have avoided if you let the Roman blind company install the blind for you in the first place.