If your home needs a new staircase or if you're having a new home built and it needs to include a staircase, you may want to choose something fun, modern, regal, or otherwise unique and personal to you. This is certainly a good thing to do, as a staircase is often very visible in the home and can add a great touch of personality to the space, but keep in mind that it also needs to be functional and safe. Note a few words of caution about choosing a unique staircase, and then discuss your options with a staircase installer as needed.


Usually a person subconsciously notes the depth and size of stairs when walking up and down. If someone were to misjudge the depth of the step or its overall height, they could then easily trip and stumble. Consider this if you want a very modern staircase made of glass, Lucite or some other clear material, or if you are thinking of painting the risers the same colour as their backing to make the staircase virtually invisible. That might be a nice look from a distance, but not having a clear definition of each step on the staircase can easily lead to falls and accidents.


A spiral staircase can be a good choice for a small corner of a home, as it's more compact than a standard staircase. You can also make a staircase very narrow, as long as it's within local building codes; however, consider the comfort of using such staircases every day. A spiral staircase will usually have more steps than a standard staircase to compensate for its compact design, and a staircase that is very steep or narrow can mean more fatigue every time it's used. Don't overlook comfort for the sake of appearance with your staircase, but consider how easy it will be to actually use it on a daily basis.

When it's too grand

A grand staircase can make a home seem very regal and rich, but you also want a staircase that fits the overall style and size of the home. Rather than installing a staircase that takes up most of your home's foyer, or trying to fit a very ornate banister along the staircase, you might tone it down just a bit, so it looks more appropriate for the home. Add style and elegance with wrought-iron balusters, and consider painting the staircase a rich colour for added elegance, while keeping it appropriate for the rest of the home's style and size.