First of all, what is an opening roof? An opening roof is just what it sounds like. It is made up of slats that can be opened or closed depending on your needs and the purpose of the space.


The main pro of opening roofs are their versatility. These roofs were created so that the patio space can be used in good and bad weather. The roof is built like blinds for your window but much stronger. With a switch, you can open or close the roof. By having the slats open, sunlight can come in and warm the space. You can keep the space from constantly remaining dark, which will help prevent the growth of mold.

However, you can also protect your furniture by flipping the switch and closing the slats. That way, when it rains, your furniture can remain dry. You could also keep the slats closed if the sun is especially hot. By installing opening roofs on a patio outside your home, you will extend your living space outside. You can be close to nature without allowing nature to control the way your furniture is treated. The biggest pros of using an opening roof are that you will be able to control the environment around your furniture, you can extend your living space, and you can control the roof easily. Last of all, the installation is easy, as the slats are already pre-installed into the wood. You could have your opening roof up and running fairly quickly.


As with all expansions, you will need to consider cost. While the cost will not be as high as if you were doing a full expansion, you need to thoroughly research the cost of the opening roof and the labor behind it. Have someone come do an estimate so that you can have a close figure of how much the opening roof will cost.

You may also be inconvenienced while the workers are installing the roof. Even though installation time runs low, you need to consider this as you are planning WHEN to have the roof installed. You should plan to let the workers in, then perhaps go out of the house for the day so that the noise does not bother you. However, the function of the opening roof is easy and understandable. You simply need to consider cost and installation when you are selecting to change your patio area.