Due to the rise in the need to store stuff away, the self storage industry has witnessed substantial growth over recent years in the number of companies providing the service. If you are looking to procure self storage space while operating on a budget, here are tips you can utilize to mitigate the rental costs.

Utilize discounts The growth of the rental space industry has led to the availability of thousands of self storage facilities to choose from countrywide. Thus, irrespective of the region you are in, most facilities are struggling to keep up with the competition from other storage companies. One strategy the companies use to remain above water is to provide their clients with discounts. It is pointless to pay the full rental fee for a storage unit when you can get a discount somewhere else. Thus, when looking for a self storage facility, look for ones that have the most favorable discount.

Pay attention to the location of the storage facility The location of a self storage facility is also a factor that determines the rental fee charged. For instance, renting a storage unit in a city is more expensive than renting the same sized unit from a facility located in the outskirts of the city. Thus, if you want to save a few dollars, choose a storage facility located further from the central business district (C.B.D). It is important to note that the further the facility's location from the C.B.D, the cheaper its rental rates.

Don't store everything in the storage facility A lot of people bulk up the stuff they require stored away in a self storage unit. Remember the more stuff you need to store translates to renting a larger storage space and thus the rental fee is much higher than that of a standard sized storage unit. One way of minimizing the size of the storage unit required is to store some items somewhere else. For instance, you can request your friend and relatives to store some of your bulky stuff in their garages; this will ensure you have less stuff to store and thus you will not require a large storage unit.

Try sharing space Nowadays, almost everyone is storing stuff away. Thus, you can minimize the cost incurred in renting a self-storage unit by joining forces with a friend or family members whom you can trust. The more people you join forces with, the lower the rental fee share for each person gets.