When it comes to locks, there is nothing more dangerous than possessing just a single key. And no matter how careful you might be with keeping the key, there is always that small chance that at one time you will misplace or lose it. That is why it is important to have a spare key hidden somewhere under your doormat or the flower pot outside your house. If you don't have a spare, this means that you will have to visit a locksmith to make extra copies. But what if you don't feel like trekking all the way to a locksmith? The following key duplication methods may bail you out:

Making A Duplicate Key Using Silicone Impressioning

Key imressioning is a method that has been used to make duplicate keys for ages. Begin by lubricating the original key or the source key. Cooking spray such as Pam or Crisco will do the job just fine. Then attach the key to a wire in a way that it appears suspended when you hold the wire in air.

Using the wire, lower or slide the key into a mold. A mold is simply a container that can hold the impressioning agent. For this project, a small tube like a film container is enough. Pour molten silicone into the film container. Once the silicone has solidified, a negative image of your key will remain in the silicone. Remove your original key.

The next part is to pour in the casting material into the already created negative image. Casting material is usually a material with a low melting point such as epoxy. So melt the epoxy and pour it in into the mold. Wait for the epoxy to solidify before pulling it out. Test the key to see if it is working.

Making A Duplicate Key Using A Tin Can Lid

Using a matchstick or a lighter, heat the original key until it is covered in soot. Then place it over a scotch tape or an adhesive tape. Press the key hard on the tape so that the soot will leave an imprint on the tape. Remove the tape from the key and place it onto the lid of the can. Carefully cut the imprint of the original key that is on the tape from the can. You need small, sharp scissors for this part. Once you are through, test the key in your lock.

If these methods fail, then you may have no any other choice but to make the long walk to a locksmith.