Timber-look tiles are uniquely poised to make a spectacular style statement in your bathroom because they simulate the look of natural wood beautifully without the same level of maintenance needed — especially in wet areas like bathrooms. This article should give you some tips to follow before integrating these tiles into your tiny bathroom for the best results.

Consider Large-Format Tiles For An Even Timber Grain Appearance

If you live in an apartment, then space is generally always an issue because of the limited area available. Large format tiles will showcase unbroken and even timber grain patterns in larger spaces for a more uniform look. This appearance typically infuses a feeling of sprawling space, which is exactly the kind of look you need when you're working with smaller areas. On the other hand, smaller format tiles will have different timber grain designs and patterns, which could end up looking too loud in a small bathroom.

Introduce Lighter Tones To Inject Spaciousness Into The Bathroom

A tiny bathroom can feel closed in and confined, so choose lighter tone coloured tiles to open up the space effortlessly. Lighter tones reflect light to create the illusion of larger spaces, while darker tones absorb light and can make a room feel smaller. When you're working with a small bathroom, lighter toned timber finishes like ash wood, elm wood, pear wood and birch wood are more suited to your needs.

Create A Look Of Unbroken Continuity By Tiling From The Floor To The Ceiling

When you have a small area to work with, any breaks can divide the room visually, which will make it appear smaller than it actually is. To combat this problem, your best option is to use the same tiles from the floor to the ceiling to create a look of unbroken continuity. This offers uninterrupted visual appeal, which will open up your bathroom spaciousness to the naked eye.

Use Grout In A Similar Shade To The Tiles For Continuous Visual Appeal

As noted in previous points, a continuous and uninterrupted timber appearance will make your bathroom seem larger than it actually is. The technique of using similar shade grout to the tile colour follows the same concept of achieving continuous visual appeal. Home improvement stores in Australia typically stock a wide range of grout colours, so you should easily be able to find a matching colour for your timber bathroom tiles.

These directed attentions are designed to help you make your bathroom look bigger by making the right decisions when it comes to timber-look tiles.