When air conditioning units encounter problems, most homeowners immediately consult a repair technician. However, most cases can be solved with some basic troubleshooting skills. Below are a few tips on checking and repairing air conditioning units that will enable you to detect the problem and determine whether or not it is necessary to call a repair technician.

•    Examining the breaker

If the air conditioning unit doesn't come on at all, then it is entirely possible that the breaker has tripped. If the switch to which the a/c is connected also services other appliances in the home such as the lights, then it will often trip as a result of being overloaded with electricity, causing the air conditioner to stop operating. Checking the condition of the breaker first should save you money as well as the embarrassment of calling a repair man to detect the issue.

•    Changing the filter

When the air filter of an air conditioning system goes for extended periods of time without getting changed, it can cause multiple problems in the system. If the filter gets clogged due to dirt, the clog can lead to a lack of air flow which renders the a/c unit useless because it can neither warm nor cool the house. Thus, if the efficiency of the air conditioning unit diminishes, it is advisable to check the filter and change it.

•    Checking the a/c settings

Sometimes the air conditioning system settings are incorrectly inputted, and a homeowner thinks the system is broken. If the a/c unit utilizes a battery, the problem could be a simple case of replacing the old batteries with new ones. It is also advisable to establish whether the thermostat's temperature is set to a temperature below or above room temperature. Additionally, it is essential to check if the air conditioning unit is turned off before looking for a repair technician.

•    Checking the ducts

Sometimes the air conditioning ducts get clogged by dirt which prevents the air from flowing in and out of the home. Most people overlook the ducts because they usually get installed in the house's attic. If they are dirty enough to block the air flow, it may appear as if the air conditioning unit is not working as efficiently as it should. To avoid such problems, it is advisable to conduct regular checking and cleaning of the air ducts.

Ask a local a/c repair technician for additional reading about a/c upkeep.