Mowing is usually an excellent maintenance procedure for anyone who owns a lawn. However, keeping the grass on your lawn looking gorgeous all over can be an involving task. This is largely because you must invest in the correct type of lawn mower, and with several options available in the markets, finding one for your garden may not be easy. There are several things you may consider when making your choice but you may want to know why you shouldn't miss the following two on your checklist.

The Size of Your Lawn

The size of your lawn is the first thing you should consider when thinking of buying a lawnmower. If you have a small lawn, you will need something lightweight that will be easy to operate and store. For this reason, consider buying an electric lawn mower. They are often relatively cheaper and easy to operate. Plug them in and you're ready to mow.

For a medium sized lawn, electric mowers would still work. However, mowers that are powered by a cordless battery will be quicker. Besides, the absence of cables means you have better handling and freedom when mowing. If you are after maximum run-time as well as power without any cables, then you should choose petrol-powered lawn mowers for your medium sized lawn.

If you have a considerably larger lawn, you will need a lawn mower that is easy to push and has a wider cutting width. Therefore, mowers powered by petrol or cordless battery would be ideal choices. However, if you want even more functionality and performance, choose petrol-powered lawn mowers that are self-propelled.

The Cutting Options

You want to know how effective your lawn mower will be in terms of cutting. Therefore, for the cutting options, you will be evaluating the type of blades on your lawn mower. Typically, lawn mower blades are of two types: standard blades and mulching blades.

Standard blades, or two-in-one blades, perform two major functions, which are bagging and discharging. Bagging the grass clippings will leave your lawn mower very clean but you will have to do some more work by disposing of them. On the other hand, discharging will leave larger grass clippings on your lawn, which you may rake later. You can handle this by investing in grass-catcher bags for your side-discharging standard blade lawn mower. However, this may interfere with your mowing because the bags may get in the way. Therefore, if you must use the grass-catcher bags, make sure you buy a lawn mower that has a rear bagging model.

Since mulching blades, or three-in-one blades, perform three functions of mulching, discharging, and bagging, they are more effective and efficient. Besides offering natural nutrients to your lawn, mulching blades help save time because you don't have to stop to empty the grass clipping bags.