Homeowners often choose to incorporate carports (instead of garages) into the structure of their homes because carports are often cheaper to build. Despite their cost-effectiveness, a good quality carport can have a positive impact on the resale value of your property should you ever choose to sell the house.

In addition to this, a carport can also help you make significant savings before you decide that it's time to take advantage of the higher resale value. This article explains how.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Auto insurance companies may have different formulae for calculating the risk potential for individual motorists. Risk potential is a measure of how likely you are to make a claim. Clients with a higher risk potential often end up paying higher premiums. Various factors are considered when your risk potential is being calculated. These factors include, but they're not limited to, the following:

  • The age and physical condition of the vehicle to be insured
  • Your driving history
  • How vulnerable your vehicle is to physical damage

Physical damage on vehicles is often as a result of exposure to harsh weather conditions (e.g. hailstorms and excess UV radiation from the sun). If you install a carport with a polycarbonate roof, your vehicle will be protected from nearly all forms of physical damage resulting from harsh weather conditions. Polycarbonate is often the material used to make bullet proof shields that police officers use. A polycarbonate carport roof will therefore keep hailstones away from your car with no qualms. Polycarbonate roofing panels are also designed to be UV-resistant so your vehicle's paintwork is protected from the potentially damaging effects of UV radiation.

Installing a carport reduces your risk potential in the eyes of the insurer and you can use this as a bargaining chip for lower monthly premiums.

Lower Water Utility Bills

A carport may also help to lower your water utility bills by reducing your reliance on the main water supply. How is this possible?

The carport provides an excellent opportunity for you to harvest rainwater around the house. Installing gutters on the carport roof allows you to harvest rain water, which can then drain into a storage tank.

Harvested rainwater will supplement the main water supply, which can lead to a significant decrease in your water utility bills.

If you already harvest rainwater, the roof and gutters on a newly-installed carport provide an additional source of harvested water around the premises.