When you are planning your wedding, you may find that you quickly get overwhelmed with planning arrangements, choosing the flowers, and speaking to different vendors. It is highly recommended that you start delegating some of the tasks to people you trust. This allows you to focus more on the details, such as picking the perfect wedding dress. Here are some tasks to consider delegating for your wedding.

Arranging Equipment Rentals

The first thing you can get help with is arranging equipment rentals. For example, if you want to rent a photo booth for your wedding, you can have someone contact local vendors to find a company offering photo booths, decide on the backdrops, and get it ordered and delivered. This person will be in charge of the photo booth and other equipment, making the orders and ensuring it is delivered on time. While you may be deciding what type of party equipment you want, there is no reason you should have to handle the rest of the duties.

Gathering RSVPs

Also have someone help start gathering RSVPs as they arrive. This person should be someone that is well organized and detail oriented. Not only are they going to collect RSVPs and keep a list of people who are coming, but they will need to look at the invitation list and note people invited who haven't yet responded. They can contact anyone not responding, just in case they lost their invitation or forgot to RSVP. It also allows you to have someone keeping track of food preferences, such as if you gave the menu choice right on the RSVP card.

Answering Phone Calls

It also helps to have someone that takes over answering phone calls from guests. People are bound to call with questions and concerns about the wedding, such as asking what the attire is, trying to get directions, or asking where you are registered. You might also have people calling in with food preferences, such as asking that food items at the reception with peanuts be kept on a separate table due to their severe peanut allergies. Have one person answering calls that are forwarded to their phone to answer these types of questions so you don't have to.

Remember that planning a wedding, while sometimes a stressful experience, can be a fun way for you to bond with your friends and loved ones. Getting their help allows you to enjoy the experience a little more.